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KG Investment Focus
Growing businesses, delivering high returns for investors
The Kestrel Growth's investment focus is on Australian, New Zealand and regional technology gowth companies requiring capital and expertise with the following characteristics:

Non-Financial Characteristics:

  •   Listed and unlisted

  •   Global operations, opportunities and aspirations

  •   Core technology providing competitive advantage

  •   Strong customer base

  •   Scalable, cash positive, and "asset light”

  •   Growing revenue and KPI’s

  •   Core leadership team in place

  •   Clear strategy for growth (organic and acquisition)

  •   Multi-path exit strategy

Financial Characteristics:

  •   Revenue                         Yes

  •   EBITDA                           <$10m

  •   Assets                             <$50m

  •   Capital requirement     $2m - $20m

  •   KGC shareholding         >$10%

Deal Characteristics:

  •   Kestrel style                    Lead & co-investor

  •   Investment round         Growth capital

  •   Representation              Yes

Themes and Sectors

  • Ag-tech

  • Digitalisation

  • FinTech

  • Infrastructure services

  • Innovative manufacturing

  • Medical devices, solutions & services

  • Mobility & connectivity

  • Sensors

  • Software

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