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Investment Funds

Kestrel's investment funds include:


Kestrel Growth

The Kestrel Growth (KG) is currently raising capital to invest in a new portfolio of Australian technology growth companies that require capital and expertise to deliver on their global opportunities. The corporate structure is a Pooled Development Fund, offering significant tax advantages. Read more>>





KTT Limited Partnership

KTT Limited Partnership (KTT) is a New Zealand Limited Partnership established to invest in Tru-Test Corporation Limited. Read more>>





Kestrel Asia Pacific Growth Fund

The Kestrel Asia Pacific Growth Fund (KAP) delivers superior, tax effectove returns by investing in Australian and New Zealand technology growth companies which have global operations, opportunities and aspirations; a sustainable growth path; technology that underpins their competitive advantage; and multi-path exit strategies. The fund provides these companies capital & expertise to deliver on their global opportunities with a focus on Asian and US expansion. Read more>>

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