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Kestrel Asia Pacific Growth Fund

The Kestrel Asia Pacific Growth Fund (KAP), based in Singapore, provides investors with the opportunity to participate in a diversified portfolio of Australian and New Zealand technology growth company investments focused on Asian and US expansion.


The Fund benefits from Singapore tax exemption and double-tax agreements with Australia and New Zealand, a combination of direct investments & investment via KGC (CGT free, tax exemption or fully franked returns) in Australia, and New Zealand's Limited Partnership structure (a non taxing entity providing 100% flow through of distributions and is CGT free).

$250 million

3-5x capital over 5 years

Singapore: Tax exemption on fund investments, GST remission and interest withholding tax. Tax benefits in ANZ passed on through DTAs.

Australia: Priority investment into a registered PDF providing concessional rates of tax, CGT free, fully franked and tax exempt investment returns.

New Zealand: Limited partnership structure, a non taxing entity that provides 100% flow through of distributions and is CGT free.

Key Terms


Portfolio target return

Tax advantages




Technology continues to disrupt all industries, with innovation driving significant growth and investment returns.


A world-wide phenomenon.



Major hurdles faced by investors (retail, HNW and institutional) are: access to investments, access to experience & track record, liquidity and tax effective returns.

Australia & New Zealand


ANZ has a long history of successful technology, development & innovation.


Major hurdles faced include access to capital and expertise.


Success stories include: Atlassian, Cochlear, Freelancer, REA Group, ResMed, Seek, Sirtex, TruTest, XERO, Zip Industries.



KAP overcomes these hurdles and provides the access with a bonus: CGT free, fully franked and tax exempt returns through DTAs.

General offer pre-register & presentation
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