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Kestrel Growth

Delivering superior, tax effective streamed returns by investing in Technology Growth Companies

Kestrel Growth is a unique pre-IPO opportunity to invest in a technology growth stapled security consisting of one share in each of:

  1. Kestrel Capital: an investor, investment manager and developer of technology growth companies;

  And its two managed investment companies:

  2. Kestrel Growth Companies Ltd (KGC): a Pooled Development Fund (PDF) with significant tax benefits; and

  3. Kestrel Asia Pacific Limited (KAP): a listed investment company investing outside the PDF criteria.

Investment Highlights

  • Capital raising: Pre-IPO ~$30m to complement existing portfolio ($30m); IPO $125m (mid 2017)

  • Market opportunity: Technology growth sector is underserved with growth capital and lacks expertise for global expansion

  • Stapled security: A share in each of the manager (Kestrel Capital) and the two investment companies (KGC and KAP)

  • Use of proceeds: Invest in Australian and regional technology growth companies, IPO in late 2016 and increase Kestrel’s FUM

  • Tax benefits: Access to KGC’s significant Pooled Development Fund (PDF) tax benefits - 0% CGT, 0% tax on distributions etc.

  • Management: Kestrel Capital: experienced, aligned and with a strong track record of delivering superior returns

  • Liquidity: Flexible evergreen structure: dividends, capital returns and ASX listing in process

  • Targeted returns: Investments      - 3x capital invested every 5 years (existing portfolio on track)

                                      Manager            - Potential for significant value to be created in the manager (Kestrel Capital)

Key Terms

Capital raising

Portfolio target return

Tax advantages


To $125 million of fully paid ordinary shares.

3-5x capital over 5 years.

Tax effective streamed returns

The fund is a flexible evergreen structure to be listed on the ASX and delivering dividends and capital returns.

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