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Kestrel offers Australian Significant Investor Visa 188C (SIV188C) compliant investments, for applicants to all states in Australia.


The Kestrel Growth Companies Ltd is a SIV complying investment as it is an Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) regulated managed funds with a mandate for investing in Australia.


Visa Application

While our expertise is in managing investment portfolios and servicing our clients across the Asia Pacific region, Kestrel can help clients complete as few or as many of the 188C Visa steps as they require.


For all clients, Kestrel will provide the necessary certificate verifying that our funds are SIV188C compliant. Depending on which Australian State you apply for your 188C Visa, that State will have its own specific requirements in relation to your investment. Kestrel will provide you with appropriate information for you to complete these requirements.


While Kestrel does not fulfil the services of an immigration agent, financial adviser, lawyer, real estate agent or accountant, some clients may wish us to identify some companies who might be of assistance to completing the application and transitioning to Australia.


Kestrel does not accept any fee or remuneration from companies which may be introduced.


Once a relationship has been established with a client they are welcome to visit our offices, speak with the investment team and inspect their portfolio. For those not in the country, the relationship enables clients to ring, Skype or Teleconference us as they require.


Client Gateways in Finance

An added benefit for clients is a range of investment experiences, where the client may nominate someone for the Kestrel work experience, intern or graduate programs. Nominees are ideally university-age/finance type student who would benefit from spending time with Kestrel, working within the investment team.


Next step

You are welcome to contact us to understand how we satisfy the investment requirement of an SIV188c application, and discuss what needs you may have in a client relationship. Discussions maintain the strictest of confidence and we never publically disclose details of our clients.


All discussions are with no obligation, and Kestrel do not charge any fees aside from management and performance fees once we undertake management of a client’s investment. Fees are in line with those charged by Australian Investment Managers, and is deducted from a client’s balance.


Important Note: Kestrel Capital Pty Limited does NOT provide financial advice. Kestrel only provides investment products. All those considering any Kestrel investment product are encouraged to seek professional financial and legal advice before making any investment decisions.

重要投资者签证 – 公司服务



Kestrel 成长型公司基金是澳大利亚证券和投资委员会(ASIC)监管的管理基金,是符合重大投资者签证要求的投资基金。








欢迎您与我们联系,了解我们如何满足重大投资签证的投资需求(SIV 188C)以及与我们建立客户关系。讨论内容将会高度保密,我们从不公开透露客户的详细信息。



 重要提示:Kestrel Capital 有限公司不提供财务建议,我们只提供投资产品。所有这些考虑投资我们产品的客户,请在作出任何投资决定前,寻求专业的财务和法律咨询。

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