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KTT Partnership Fund

The KTT partnership (Fund) targets returns exceeding 15% per annum on an annualised basis over the investment term. 

Please note the following information has been prepared for the use of Wholesale and Professional Investors only.  


Fund Strategy

The Fund was launched in 2012 with the goal of acquiring a unique AgTech group focused on dairy, based in New Zealand but operating globally. With the support of co-investor AGR, backed by the Canadian Teachers Fund, the group has grown through acquisitions. In 2019, a major business segment was sold to a Swiss investment group. 


Using a dynamic and nimble strategy, the Fund aims to navigate market cycles and maximize returns from the remaining business. 


The Fund is currently closed to new applications. 

Investment Team

Phillip Carter
Managing Director, Investment Committee Member
Niall Cairns
Executive Director, Investment Committee Member
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